Alberto Mario BERTONA


summary of credentials

Experience Summary

Almost 20 year’s experience of environmental, health and safety management in Argentina 10 as a practicing HSE consultant.

Prior to his career in consultancy, Alberto has held a number of positions in industry and local government associated with environmental planning, waste management and pollution technology.

As a consultant has worked with a number of companies in Argentina in a very wide range of industrial sectors offering auditing, due diligence, management system and risk assessment advice (see the list of projects below).

From 2001 to 2008 he has been retained as the external consultant in charge of all environmental matters for all the facilities of the Philip Morris Group in Argentina.

In 2004 he was commissioned by Montgomery Watson-Harza to undertake the compliance audit for the due diligence project associated with the sale of Roche Laboratory to Bayer and last year completed EHS legal compliance audit covering Global Supply chain and pharmaceutical business operations in Argentina with Schering Plough Corporate.

Certifications, Affiliations and Academics

  • B.A. (Biology); ecological and physiological specialization; University Centro de Altos Estudios en Ciencias Exactas; Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1988
  • Post degree in Environmental Engeneering (University of Catalunya, University of Leon), awarded by a grant given by Fundacion Iberoamericana based on expertise and capabilities
  • PD. Environmental Engeneering
  • Legal Environmental Protection; University of La Plata, Faculty of Legal and Social Sciences -1996.
  • Evaluation of Investment Projects; Escuela de Dirección Empresaria, Faculty of Engineering, University of Buenos Aires, - August - November, 1994.
  • Certified ISO 14001 Auditor (DNV)


List of Relevant Environmental Projects

  • Indelqui Decker (Pta. Quilmes) - Electrical & Electronic

  • ICI Planta Campana - Sulfuric Acid

  • Productos de Maiz - Planta Baradero - Food Products - Oils

  • Productos de Maiz - Planta Chacabuco - Food Products - Oils

  • IBM Planta Martínez - Hardware & Software

  • ASIMA - Waste Treatment Plant

  • Venado Tuerto - Waste Treatment Plant

  • La salteña - Food Products

  • La Nueva María - Food Products

  • Lomax Planta Haedo -  Construction raw materials - Structural Clay Products

  • Lomax Planta San Nicolas - Construction raw materials

  • Cemmex Planta Malvinas Argentinas - Construction raw materials

  • Mapar S.A. - Food Products - Fats & Oils

  • Mapar S.A.I.C.F. - Food Products Fats & Oils

  • Tiksatex - Textile Industrial Laundry for industry solvent-basis

  • Termitex - Textile Industrial Laundry for industry solvent-basis

  • Astilleros Neptuno - Fiberflass materials

  • Prevent-Arc - Clothing Manufacturer

  • Estacion de Servicio YPF Vte. Lopez - Gas Station

  • Estacion de Servicio YPF Quilmes - Gas Station

  • Estacion de Servicio YPF Campana - Gas Station

  • Estacion de Servicio YPF San Isidro - Gas Station

  • Sulzer - Metal Products, Machinery And Equipment

  • Stauber S.A. - Metal Products, Machinery And Equipment

  • Tomasello - Metal Products, Machinery And Equipment

  • Iati - Metal Products, Machinery And Equipment

  • Ipac - Metal Products, Machinery And Equipment

  • Alevea - Tanning And Dressing Of Leather

  • Coment - Tanning And Dressing Of Leather

  • Starpet - Tanning And Dressing Of Leather

  • Tintas y Barnices - Chemical Products

  • Burgert y Cia. SRL - Chemical Products

  • Cariplast - Plastics Products

  • Giniplast S.A. - Plastics Products

  • Mabel Mancebo - Plastics Products

  • Corandes S.A. - Metal Food Cans

  • Darmen - Textile

  • Gráfica Eco - Printing

  • Heller Norteña - Textile

  • Rey Goma S.R.L. - Rubber Articles

  • Hergom - Rubber Articles

  • Solitas - Food Products And Beverages

  • Rearch S.A. - Precision Industrial Instruments

  • Weiz Instrumentos - Precision Industrial Instruments

  • Organización Rafer - Precision Industrial Instruments

  • Herrawidia - Precision Industrial Instruments

  • San Salvador - Aluminium

  • Tecnosudamericana - Furniture

  • A. Gómez - Asphalt Paving & Roofing Materials

  • Americo Rodríguez – Electrical

  • Gasoducto Santa Cruz - Gas pipeline

  • Termoelectrica Manuel Belgrano – Thermoelectrical combined cycle power plant

  • British Embassy in Buenos Aires – Waste Management compliance

  • Repsol YPF -  Impact Evaluation of reprocess of gasoil and petrol

  • Longvie - Metalmechanic

  • Highway Ruta 7 (240 km) EIA - San Luis Province

  • Highway Ruta 14 (54 km) Environmental Audit - Entre Rios Province

  • Dana Industries - EHS Audit - Metalmechanic - San Juan Facility and Rosario Facility

Language Skills

  • Spanish: Native Speaker

  • English: Technically fluent

  • Portuguese: Technically fluent

  • French: Conversational

Professional History


  • Director of ECONSUL – Environmental Consultants – an Argentinean based HSE consultancy.

  • Managing Director of Ambiente-Ecologico an Argentinean based HSE communication internet site


2001 – 2008 Environmental Consultant

In charge of Environmental Issues - Massalin Particulares Argentina - Philip Morris Group. Design and implementation of environmental policies, programs and management systems. Technical assistance in auditing, due diligence, pollution prevention, waste minimization, design-for-environment, environmental impact assessment. Environmental strategies for industry. Legal compliance audit for federal, provincial and municipal regulatory requirements.


1997 – 2001 – Independent Consultancy Services

1996 - 1997: ABB - ASEA Brown Boveri

Sales and promotion of biomedical waste treatment equipment.

1995 - 1996: Pennzoil Lubricants Of Argentina S.A

Development of Recovery, Recycle & Final Disposal of used oils.  In charge of the following areas of the company; Distribution, Customer Services and Marketing & Merchandising. Supervision of the distributors network, customer service, importation requirements and stock control; fiscal and supervision of depots.

1993 - 1995: Benito Roggio E Hijos S.A.

Concession and Private Enterprise Department - Environment Department.  Development, generation and supervision of related business in remediation techniques and application of environmental technologies.


1988 - 1993 : Municipality Of Buenos Aires

Editing of several environmental plans, projects, drafts and programs for environmental solutions and policies/strategies; sewage and drainage system clean-up and maintenance.

Implementation of policies in waste management; supervisor of the urban waste collection companies (green areas, household waste, cleaning and maintenance of sewage and storm water systems, special waste: industrial, pathological and hospital waste.

 (Last amended June 2009)

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